Friday, August 22, 2008


If only 7% of Christians chose to adopt there would be no more orphans! Not everyone has been called to adopt, but all can help bring home the orphans to those who have been called to adopt. When was the last time you prayed for orphans to be adopted? When was the last time you supported a family that was adopting? It is very easy for christians to send money to "sponsor" an orphan but a very different matter to get that same christian to commit to help a prospective adoptive parent adopt the "sponsored" child. Please prayerfully open your heart to the voiceless orphans--and pray that the Lord may stretch you to consider adoption or to help a family that has been called to adopt, but whose main obstacle is finances.


Carolyn T said...

I think it is TIME to step out with this kind of BOLDNESS!! I applaud you on this...and I LOVE the sandals!! Praying and believing with you for every penny......We have NEVER started our adoptions with the $ and God has always provided ways I would never expect...It is TIME for Christians to take note of this worthy MINISTRY of adoption!!
And treat it as such!!
All for ONE!!

Amy said...

Way to speak up!!! I wish more Christians would see this and RESPOND! Amy