Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Last night, hubby and I were discussing if our baby has been born yet and if born, what the baby might be doing at this time. It was interesting that I was envisioning an infant or toddler, while my husband said he always envisions a four year old! I am not sure if that is because we already have a four year old, or because we are requesting for a 0-24 month old child and with the way things have been going, he feels we are not likely to get what we asked for? I don’t know. But anyway, we prayed for our baby. It is delicious to just wonder whether it will be a boy or a girl. I have a son and when I was pregnant, I did not care about the sex, but now that I have my son, I cannot imagine life my life without a son in it. My son is very playful and full of energy and at the same time so loving. If I am sick, he will come and lie down with me and just gently rub my face and kiss me and tell my ouchie to go away! It would be nice for him to have a brother to wrestle with and share his love of trains and planes with. However, it would be just as nice for him to have a sister to protect and just love on! He has a 16-month old niece and he is just incredibly gentle, protective and loving with her. He is also really good around his boy cousins and friends in pre-school and loves to just play chase for hours! We have not yet talked to him yet about the adoption—it would be good to have his input, but the process is so long, it is hard to explain to a four year old why his sister or brother is not coming home tomorrow or next week!

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