Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Monkey Wrench

So, last week while we were on vacation, the original social worker from our county child welfare agency called us and left us a message that she would do our homestudy after all! She requested that we call her back for more details. I called her today and she said that someone higher up in the agency had decided that since I had access to a statewide system, it made no difference being referred to another county! I had already told them this two months ago--I am not sure why it did not make a difference then, and why they revisited the issue! It may have to do with the fact that my co-worker is also trying to get licensed to be a foster parent and raised the same issue. Anyway, we are scheduled to begin our homestudy tonight with the other child welfare agency we were referred to. I hate to cancel it and then next week my county advises that they won't be able to do the placement after all!!! The social worker suggested I contact her immediate supervisor to verify that we can indeed get licensed to adopt friom my county. However, this was the same person I had been calling for weeks and she was not returning my calls. She has not inspired my confidence in her--she still has not responded to my inquires from almost 2 months ago.

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