Friday, August 15, 2008

16 Kids Anyone?

I had a wonderful morning today at my son's preschool. I enjoy spending a few hours in his class when I have a chance and it just makes me miss teaching! The kids are so joyful and still full of wonder. The kids just hang onto me because I let them chase me around the playground during outside play! They also love having me read them their favorite books and I normally have a line of kids waiting their turn so we can read the book they have chosen! My son just loves having me in his class and you should just see the spring in his step as he proudly announces to his classmates that his mom is in the house! Parents, if you can make some time to spend time in your child's class, the rewards are innumerable. Even half an hour makes a difference. It communicates to your child that you really care about the place they spend most of their waking hours, the teachers who shape them and the friends who are so important to their little growing selves.

Last night, dh said we would go ahead and move to a bigger place so that we can still have the opportunity to invite a daughter into our lives if that is God's plan. I am the more pragmatic one, but last night I just had to bite my tongue and start exercising the faith we will need to go through our adoption journey! God will make it clear if we need to move right now, or in 10 months time like we had planned.

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