Friday, August 1, 2008

Rock City!

This week, we were in Georgia for my husband's family reunion and we had an amazing time with family. My husband's maternal grandmother had 9 children and so there were lots and lots of cousins from around the country. We were also able to spend sometime with a friend who re-located from California to Georgia. He has a lovely wife, a four year old son (whom we had not seen since he was seven months old) and a soon to be one year old daughter(whom we had not yet met). It was amazing how the boys took to each other and played like they had known each other all their lives. My son is normally shy and needs a few minutes to warm up to people he is not familiar with. However, he jumped right into playing with my friend's son and they had a blast. They both had fun playing with our cameras and took some really goofy pictures. The next day, we picked up my friend's son and took the boys to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum for a train ride! Is it a universal thing that boys just love trains? My son loves all things trains and will watch train documentaries endlessly (he is a good teacher and I am learning some train terminology! His new buddy also loves trains and they had a blast on the train ride and we also got to step off the train to watch a real train turning on a turntable.

We also went to Rock City and which is located atop Lookout Mountain in Lookout Mountain, GA (6 miles from downtown Chattanooga, TN). You can see seven states from the top and one is awed at the magnificence and beauty of God's creation! I had forgotten that I was afraid of heights until I was halfway across a rickety bridge taking me from one giant rock boulder to the next! It was so cute having 2 four year olds encouraging me from the other end of the bridge not to be afraid! They kept saying," it's okay, don't be afraid, just one foot at a time". As I was making slow progress keeping my eyes heavenward, they kept asking if they could come back and hold my hands! Please see the link below for some awesome sights.

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