Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Ms. Happy!

Baby Girl 2 is just all sunshine. She is the easiest baby the world has ever known - she has always bubbled, smiled and cooed and has very predictable needs. She smiles and laughs and is just simply delightful! We really should have named her Joy - the name totally fits her (darn those profiles which simply did not even begin to describe my baby girl's personality, hence us not choosing this name). She loves her food and though silly bunny can't chew solids yet - she still loves her pureed food. She thinks she is in heaven now that she is drinking cow's milk, absolutely adores her oldest brother and shows a lot of grace to the twins who try and force feed her her bottle! She can say mommy, daddy, bye bye, hi, up, goodnight, no (which she hears often), as well as call her brothers by name. She also "helps" her big brother learn his kindergarten sight words by calling out "up" everytime I show him a new flash card (up is one of his sight words). She is one smart cookie! She loves to play peekaboo and loves to talk on the phone! She has two little teeth trying to break through and just took a couple of steps yesterday. She stands for the longest and is so proud of herself that she just stands clapping for herself that she forgets to take a step! Baby girl is just pure joy! She is a bit mischievous and is forever trying to get into her daddy's music all the while looking to see if anyone sees her. If she notices someone watching her - she crawls a marathon - I have never seen a faster crawler! Baby girl is just pure joy and oh how everyone loves her! Happy first birthday baby girl - what a joy you are to parent and oh how my heart is filled with love for you!