Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here Goes Nothing!

I was on vacation for a week and today when I came back to the office, I found a voicemail message that the supervisor from my local child welfare agency left on 7/31/08. She advised that she had rescinded the referral to the other child welfare agency and that my local agency would be doing the home-study and placement. This is the same person who was not returning my previous calls. This explains why the social worker from the other agency did not come over to start our home-study yesterday. I am a bit upset that the supervisor did not let the social worker who I spoke to yesterday know that the application to the other agency had been rescinded. The social worker told me I had the option of working with my local child welfare agency or the one I was referred to. So, five months later, we are back to square one! No homestudy, no classes, nothing--we even toss the tons of paperwork that we had completed earlier on, since our local agency had advised that we would be transferred to a different child welfare agency! Who was it again that said there are so many children waiting for adoptive parents in the foster care system and no parents willing to adopt them?

I called the social worker from my local child welfare agency to schedule our first home-study meeting and she told me she was expecting my call. She said she found out after our conversation yesterday that I had to work with my local child welfare agency and it was not up to us which agency to work with after all. I wish she had had the courtesy to call me and let me know that yesterday. She is the one who led me to believe that we had a choice re: which agency to use and we would not have been waiting yesterday for the social worker from the other agency to come yesterday to commence our home-study! Our social worker just kept saying how happy we will be working with our local child welfare agency!!! No kidding!

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