Friday, January 23, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request!

A good friend of mine is having a really hard time. He has hemophilia and the last three months have been torture. He bruised his right hand about three months ago and was in excrutiating pain for most of that time months before the doctors finally figured which pain meds worked for him. He can't really use his right hand because it is numb from a blood clot that is causing nerve damage and affecting his fingers and thumb. No surgeon wants to touch him to remove the blood clot because of his hemophilia.

He had just started a new job a couple of months before his arm got bruised and the employer had to fill the position because he was in the hospital for a couple of days, needed several blood transfusions for another couple of weeks and was on heavy duty pain meds that he could not function. Things seemed to look up and he started a new job three weeks ago. He is in training and loves the job and his co-workers. This week, he bruised both his legs and he had to go to the ER yesterday afternoon because the swelling was not going away. He got a blood transfusion and went to work today because he cannot afford to loose the job. He has a three month old daughter and his wife's job is reducing everyone's work schedules to part time as a cost saving measure. I called him today at 11:00 a.m and the swelling was getting worse. He was in a catch twenty-two to say the least. In order to heal faster, he needed another blood transfusion asap, but he knew if he left early again today, he would not have a job on Monday. He was also in pain and was not sure whether where he would be able to hold off going to the ER till after work. My heart breaks that he has to make such difficult choices. In this job market, employers don't have much room for compassion and empathy. My heart aches for all that he has endured these last few months. He is a really decent, God fearing guy who loves the Lord and just wants to serve him. Please pray for healing and financial provision. He has had moments of deep discouragement and despair but through it all, he still praises God.

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Praying, praying, praying!