Sunday, January 25, 2009

My friend D.


My friend D was not able to hold off till the end of training on Friday and ended in the ER at 12:30 for some plasma and consequently getting admitted into hospital. I did go visit with him yesterday afternoon and he says this is the worst bruising that he has ever had. His leg is about 4 times its normal size. Thankfully, he does not have to have surgery which he had been scheduled to have to relieve pressure on his muscles. We visited him in the hospital today and he is scheduled to be there at least through Thursday. During service today, one of the deacons shared his heart. He was praying for my friend D and really asking God why all this was happening to such a good and decent person. During prayer, his conviction was God laying it on his heart asking what he personally was going to do about the situation. It is one thing to pray for someone, but unless we are willing to be God's hands and feet, we will not see a lot of answers to prayers. All the offering and tithes at church today went to help support his family and almost the whole church went to visit with him after church. The body of christ was really His hands and feet to bring spiritual encouragement and practical help to my friend. Just what we are commanded to do!

Prayer requests: that his job will be willing to take a chance on him and that he can start the next training session next month. He had been scheduled to take a test yesterday for a county job. Needless to say, he was hooked up receiving some plasma! So if his current job is not willing to take a risk on him, he has nothing else in the works! At a time he should be really enjoying first time fatherhood with his 4 month old child, he is having to spend time with her in a hospital room. Prayers for spiritual encouragement and financial provisions. Inspite of all that is going on, he was in really good spirits today! Nothing to bring a smile to your face than someone sneaking in some Macdonalds after 24 hours of no food because they were preparing you for surgery!


Janice said...

Praying for your friend D. My heart goes out to him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is what the church is called to do! May the great physician heal your friend and provide for all his needs.