Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I so totally did not get out of a movie outing with my son and husband last night so that I could have some alone time. I then did not spend the next two hours resting like I had said I would, but instead spent time catching up on reading blogs (so totally not breaking one of my new year's resolution to spend less time on blogs). I so totally did not forget to feel absolutely miserable and guilty about not spending every available time with my family because I am a working mom and ordinarily, I always feel guilty that I do not spend enough time with my son.

I so totally did not introduce my husband to the joys of bargain shopping and kissed goodbye the only opportunity I have to get full price clothes. My husband hates shopping (unless it is electronics) and twice a year (on my birthday and Christmas), he goes to the mall, looks at mannequins and asks for assistance to get the mannequin look. Come to think of it, I am not sure if he ever wonders how come he never quite gets the look he saw at the store. I mean, the mannequins are a size 0 and they still nip off the waists of the clothes when they dress the mannequins. Mmmm, maybe that explains why my husband was so excited to have bought me some clothes that were on clearance when there was no occassion calling for him to go girl clothes shopping! I mean, why spend good cash to buy clothes at full price if you will not get the mannequin look.

I so totally did not wake up with a splitting headache from lack of sleep and did not enjoy a guilt free morning sleeping in till noon. I mean, the last time that happened, I was in college and every self respecting wife and mother would take advantage of a free morning to clean, organize, and take care of others. I am not typing this and thinking that having one of these mornings every three months should be on my list of new year's resolutions.

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