Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pray for Me...Pray for others!

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My mind is reeling! This afternoon, we had an orientation meeting with our new social worker for the international adoption. I loved her, everyone at the office and we went home feeling pretty good about moving forward with this agency. I decided to drop off a form to the child welfare agency foster care social worker. She was not expecting me and I had thought I would just drop off the form, but the receptionist insisted on calling the social worker out to the lobby. Three minutes later, she came in with another social worker and they asked to meet with me in a conference room. My social worker then asked if during our homestudy visits we had mentioned if we were open to twins. I told her I didn't recall that coming up and then the other social worker told me that literally a few minutes before I walked in, she had just finished reading our homestudy report and thought we were the perfect family for the children she was trying to place! Nice to know that our homestudy report is complete and others are reading it before we have even seen a copy:)! Anyway, my heart was pounding, I was incoherent and then she told me to go home and discuss with my husband if we wanted to come in to review the children's file. It is a boy and a girl who were born premature at 32 weeks old and they will be one year old this Saturday. They have some developmental delays due to a very tough start in life. I learnt a little of their birth history and it knocked the wind out of me. But they are beautiful and seem to be extremely well taken care of in their current home. That is pretty much all I know and my mind is racing. I can't think coherently! After the meeting, I was on my way to buy carseats, clothes and diapers before I remembered I needed to first talk to my husband! Oh yeah, there is also their first birthday coming up! My head is spinning and I am just totally jumping ahead of myself! It is totally not official, we still need to meet with the chidlren's social worker before we can officially accept the referrals. We plan to meet the case worker on Friday and look through the casefile. In the interim, it will be prayers, prayers, prayers!

God's timing is so not my timing. I thought I had everything figured out! Based on how things were going, we had assumed our first adopted child was to come from Ethiopia later this year and in another year, the next adoption would be from the foster care system. Thank God that He can see the big picture!


Dimples and Stars Race Cars and Guitars said...

WOW this is EXCITING NEWS...I am sure you are very nervous and WOW WOW WOW TWINS!!! Just read your prayer request on the Riggs Blog

Jill said...

INCREDIBLE!! You are in my prayers as I know this is a HUGE decision!!
Hugs, Jill
(Also found you via the Riggs!)

Holly said...

Wow!!!!!!!! I can only imagine your thoughts! I am praying RIGHT NOW for clarity, for certainty, for discernment and for God to continue to open doors and move mountains!
To Him be the glory!
I love His heart for the children of the world!

Melissa Carter said...

hi, thanks for your comments on my blog, oneeggshortofadozen. This was the only way I could figure out to get back with you. Thank you for your suggestions. Actualy that lawyer was our first lawyer before he politely resigned from our case. He was awesome at securing our guardian ship of the kids but I think got tired of the hassle the immigration was giving him. I think he is still helping our current lawyer in some ways to secure those passports. We are hoping soon. Melissa Carter

Greg and Brandi said...

That's awesome news! I can't wait to find out what your husband says :)

Mom Of Many said...

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for joining in the friends at A Place Called Simplicity - what a blessing you all are!

Reading your blog it looks like you have alot of things to pray about...I will be praying for your decision when you meet with the caseworker tomorrow. We did foster care in the past. I will pray!

Blessings from a hotel in Colorado,