Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh, So Slow!

The wheels of government turn ever so slowly! We were supposed to meet the social workers to review baby girl and baby boy's files on Friday. However, my social worker called to advise that Friday would not work well for them because we have to meet with two social workers and they need to coordinate their calendars. Friday did not work for them - though on Wednesday both had advised that they were free Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. Surprising how fast a county worker's calendar can fill up in a day! The next time their free slots on their calendars coincide is in two weeks! Two weeks! It was so urgent to let me know about the children on Wednesday, but we have to wait two whole weeks to review the file before we can even go to the next step! My husband was guardedly optimistic when I told him about the children - he was unreserved about accepting the referral, but did not want us to get our hopes up until it was official. He does not have much faith in with the system and he is paranoid that they may call in a couple days and tell us they had our names mixed up with another family!

The social worker has called me about five times on Thursday and Friday, which is a marked improvement from the prior communication. The children's social worker had told me that their birthday was today - but I found out it is actually Sunday. It made me cry that the one person right now who should be the children's biggest advocate does not even care enough to know the children's actual birthday. This is a new case and it is the children's first birthday. But we are fallible human beings. The Creator of the Universe knows baby girl and baby boy's names and knew them from the foundation of the earth. He knows their birthday! Baby girl and Baby boy matter to Him, He loves them and He made the greatest sacrifice of all for them - His own begotten son.


Holly said...

Oh my goodness! I have also been praying for you...not knowing what was going on with the babies!
Will you give them new names?
I can't wait to see your story unfold. God is FAITHFUL!!

waitingarms said...


Yes, we plan on giving them new names. We are trying to think of meaningful names that will tell the babies of God's goodness and faithfullness. We will have some intense times when they are old enough to know their birth history. We want to focus on building them up with a solid foundation of God's love, goodness and faithfullness even with the world is full of evil. We can't protect them from knowing the horrifying details of their birth history since we are bracing for a high profile criminal case which may turn into a media circus. But God is good and I know they can overcome their horrendous start in life to be wonderful testimonies of God's deliverance.