Thursday, February 12, 2009

...all I want for Christmas is a -- or a --

Mom busy making dinner. Son wanting to play horsie, just one more time - for the hundredth time. Mommy tells son to be patient and they can play after dinner. Son says okay, but says he will ask santa next Christmas for a brother or a sister to play with and share his toys with. Oh baby if you only knew! We still have not told our son about the adoption - we were waiting to first meet with the social workers for the official referral. I can hardly wait to see his face this weekend when he finds out he will not only have a brother or sister, but a brother AND a sister!

I am immensely proud of my son and his giving heart. He got a toy tonight from Macdonalds and another child wanted the same toy, but Macdonald's had ran out of the toy. Without a second thought or any prompting, my son happily gave the other child his toy. He has a heart of gold, is wonderful around other kids and will make a marvelous older brother!

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