Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Most Americans would  have thought our kids were deprived on Christmas - total gifts for the whole household plus 1 visiting child. But try asking anyone in our household the real reason for the season!

We had a wonderful Christmas season - lots of nights going to see Christmas lights, hot chocolate on colds evenings, a couple of Christmas plays, Christmas parties and the kids participating in their first Christmas play! We hosted Christmas this year and we had both sides of the family over along with friends for a grand total of 61 guests through out Christmas Day! Somehow, I survived it, totally enjoyed the day before collapsing and putting up my feet at midnight when the last guests left! The kids had a wonderful time, really got into all the traditions, and totally appreciated the meaning of the season. I was so proud of big brother who could not come up with even one gift idea - he told everyone who asked that he really had everything he needed! Those were proud parenting moments! His main concern was to ensure that an orphan he helps sponsor had enough food for Christams. It is my deepest desire to teach my kids to appreciate all their blessings and not yearn for the newest toy. Mommy started a new tradition where they only open a couple gifts on Christmas Day and then I stagger giving them the other gifts - that way they really appreciate the gift and know exactly who gave them each gift. The kids have  been so precious and are really treasuring their presents.

Gifts for 17 kids almost buried  the Chrtistmas Tree!

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