Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sandals for Baby!!!

As I had stated in an earlier post, we have to totally rely on faith if it is God's plan that we are to complete our family by adopting internationally. I am trying to brainstorm how to raise $25,000 and one of the ideas is to sell sandals from Africa. I went to a bar-b-que today and I told my niece about my adoption plans and selling sandals to raise funds, and she promised to buy 2 pairs! Praise God! I know that is $40 down and $24,960 to go, but I am on cloud nine. With so many valleys in adoption, you quickly learn to stop and thank God any time you are on a hill--big and small! The sandals are not even here--I have ordered 25 pairs from Africa and hope they are mailed soon, but already I have made a sale! As soon as they arrive, I will post some pictures--as soon as I figure how to do that on a post. I am not techy at all, I got my first digital camera last december and I am still trying to figure it out! So, any techies out there, please give me tips on how to add pictures on a blog :)

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