Friday, June 11, 2010

Because I Hate Black People.......

Event: end of kindergarten school year picnic in the park.

One little kindergarten boy asks a little kindergarten girl to please be his partner for a water balloon fight. Little kindergarten girl folds her hands and tells little kindergarten boy she does not want to be his partner. Little innocent kindergarten boy skips off happily to look for some one else who wants to play. When all are paired up, little kindergarten girl does not have a partner. Little kindergarten girl with quivering lips comes to a mommy who was observing the interaction to ask for her assistance in getting a partner. The observing mommy reminds little kindergarten girl that little kindergarten boy had asked to be her partner and she declined. Little kindergarten girl without missing a beat says she did not want to play with him because she hates black people. Observing mommy almost has a heart attack - a full fledged racist kindergartener? Unfortunately (or fortunately because this mommy is not sure of the outcome of the "little talk" she would have had) little kindergarten girl’s mommy is not at the picnic.

So many things that are tragic with this picture – little kindergarten boy who has a really tender heart who through out the school year would finish his work really fast to help little kindergarten girl with her work - some of the other little girls would make fun of little kindergarten girl since she was struggling with kindergarten schoolwork and little kindergarten boy did not want anyone making fun of her. Little kindergarten boy who really wanted to learn how to tie his shoes and though shy, would ask any adult in the class to teach him how. All so that he could teach little kindergarten girl how to tie hers so that same said girls Would stop laughing at her since she did not know how to tie hers. Tragic that little kindergarten girl’s heart has already been corrupted with such hate at such a young age. Even more tragic that little girl peddling racism is Vietnamese and will have to deal with prejudice and racism directed at her. Tragic for innocent little kindergarten boy who will have to overcome enormous challenges to be the boy who God intended him to be – brilliant scientist, kind-hearted, caring and all around one totally decent kid. Oh how my heart breaks for him - it is one thing to deal with prejudice and racism from adults, but having to deal with it from your peers as early as kindergarten? Tragic for the mommy observing this interaction who was too flabbergasted to figure out how to handle the issue – I mean a chat with the parents is probably meaningless – racism is not genetic but taught. And this mommy has to quickly get her act together to get a game plan because her black children are counting on her to protect them against racism, both veiled and not so veiled. And all this happening in an elementary school in a state that calls itself the trail blazer in progressive issues and where diversity is supposedly the fad de jour. Oh what hope is there for our children if fifty years after dogs and fire hoses were unleashed on school children fighting against racism, racism is still so much alive and well?


Eve said...

A very sad situation that little boy had to experience. The fortunate thing is that he'll probably grow up and not remember the incident, but the feeling might stay with him, especially if having to deal with racism again and again in his life.

When young, I got picked on in school because I was chubby, I don't remember the words but I remember the feelings.

But God... is Good. And all those negative feelings inside can be washed away. I hope the hate of the little girl and her family will one day be washed away too.

Holly said...

Doggone it. that just breaks my heart AND infuriates me!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Oh so sad ... but it doesn't surprise me.

I homeschool my children, so they have not experienced as much direct racism. However, I have friends that have adopted in our small, rural, "Christian" town, who's children have experienced unimaginable racism AT THE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. The racism has been from both the students and the parents, aimed at both the adopted child and at the adoptive parent.

I was scrapbooking with a group of Christian ladies once, when a Pastor's Wife looked at a picture of my African daughters and said, "I've never had a problem with those people. I've just never liked the Mexican ones."

I was speechless.

There's a good chance I'll have some Hispanic grandchildren, as one of my daughters is in a serious relationship with an Argentine young man.

I am confident that God will give us the wisdom that we need, to face whatever racism our children face.

Laurel :)

Only Servants Ministries said...

oh wow. I don't even know what to say to that. And Mama D's comment. I surely hope the Lord gives me the wisdom, b/c I have NO CLUE how to handle these situations right now. I can see myself getting EXTREMELY DEFENSIVE now, but I want the love of Christ to radiate from me.

I can remember growing up I ALWAYS felt like my mom had the perfect come back or response to people when they picked on me. Therefore i was always wishing she was right beside me to give me those comebacks. But she never was. I had to wait until after school to tell her in the car. I thought and think now, that my mom is a genius is that dept.

I mean- when I say that I don't see color, I really don't.

When I was in the states I borrowed's little girl. She happens to be black. I took her to a little "event" downtown with my brother and his kids. I carried her in a little carrier on my front and I couldn't believe the looks i was getting. At first I thought nothing of it, but i couldn't help but notice after a while.
I REALLY hope the Lord deals with my heart before we get our children, b/c I feel like I could brawl over this or something!

....And you know you are welcome to come see us anytime!
God bless you friend and thanks for your sweet prayers!