Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Big brother extraordinaire had a spell-a-thon today to raise funds for our school district (pending budget cuts may increase class size from 20 kids to 30 kids next school year). He aced it, but silly bunny did not even realize it! We have been practicing his spelling words along with his 100 sight word challenge for kindergarten and this morning, he was anxious because he thought he may not remember all his spelling words and disappoint his teacher. I so love the innocence of Kindergarteners and how they think the world of their teachers! It is such a magical age!

Congratulations big brother. You continue to amaze me with your love for your siblings, even crying your heart out yesterday when your little sister went for a sleep over, because you missed her so. Thank you for loving me so, even when I expect so much of - you are my right hand guy helping me so much with the little ones. You never complain and a year later, you still happily go get mommy diapers, help clean up toys that you did not even play with, and always remind me that the little ones are just babies when mommy gets a bit impatient sometimes! We rocked your world a year ago, but you took everything in stride and are so secure in our love for you. Thank you for being so funny and goofy and for your love of the sciences and making your humanities leaning mama have to dust up her science knowledge! Though mommy never fulfilled her daddy's dreams for her to become a doctor (she could not stand the sight of blood), you still believe in my abilities to make your boo boos better and you always call me doctor mom! You bless our hearts so much and we are so proud of you!

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