Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A dog or a Child?

Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma! You want to enjoy the hospitality offered by our penal institutions for a longer time and you are wondering what to do to ensure a longer stay. Before you is the choice to harm a child or a dog. To ensure a longer stay, choose the dog! Because that my friends is the value American society places on her children. Get convicted of extreme cruelty and torture of a child and you get a year’s sentence. But wait, you already spent 247 days in jail pending your hearing since you could not post bail and with a lot of apologies, you are released because you get credit for time served. Because a year according to the wonderful mathematicians working for our criminal justice system is really only 180 days (they count a day and night as two days)! The “hardworking” prosecutor takes works "real hard” to ensure justice is served by giving you a plea bargain even though the evidence against you is compelling and any jury could have convicted you on more counts ensuring you serve more jail time. I mean, who wants to clog our courts' calendar with pesky matters like child abuse and torture? But wait, maybe the prosecutor knows something you and I don’t – perhaps the jury would have been anxious to get over with the trial to attend to more serious matters than to seek justice for a child without a face or a voice. And boo hoo, you don’t even get a notable mention in the local papers or get your fifteen minutes of fame from your local T.V stations even though the story could have been sensational based on the degree of abuse and torture. And outrage from anyone hearing your story? Are you kidding? In between talking about the heart warming news story of the cat that was rescued by a fire fighter from a tree, the deep ponderings of who will win America’s Got Talent and outrage over Kanye West’s conduct on an awards show, your story is only but a small distraction to what is really important. If on the other hand you get involved in a dog fighting ring, you get more than your fifteen minutes of fame as your story gets covered ad nauseam and generates unprecedented hatred and public outrage. You get severely admonished by the judge as you are sentenced to two years in jail and serve 18 months of your time. You get to spend the rest of your life under the public microscope apologizing and trying to make amends and become PETA’s rallying call. Still trying to contact Pamela Anderson to organize a match to protest cruelty against children and the injustice of the criminal system as the child’s case in point happened in her neighborhood.


Holly said...

Preach it sister! Oh the many ways we have lost our common SENSE around here!!!!

Christine said...

Great point. :)

Heather said...

You are 100 % right. I had a Mother who treated us like crap growing up but now has 5 dogs she treats like gold. Could never explain that one to me.

It is disgusting that our society puts so little value on children and protecting them. When you are talking about a child's welfare it should be first strike and you are out.

I just found your blog when you commented on my friend Michelle's blog(Malodorous messes). I have really enjoyed it. I have twins adopted almost 2 years ago from Vietnam at 7 months(5 kids in all).

I would love to see pictures of your kids. They sound so adorable. Do you think you will ever post any? Was your second Daughter also a foster adopt?

I wish you best of luck with your growing family.


Team Thompson said...

WOW! Go girl!! Wonderfully said! Couldn't agree more!

ellerbee eight said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments this morning. I need it. I'm feeling so schizophrenic with emotion right now... happy, excited, sad, devastated. Thanks for going through it with me!

waitingarms said...

Hi Heather,

I would love to post pictures of the kids on the blog, but I will wait until the adoptions are finalized. The kids are truly adorable and I am so anxious to be able to share their pictures. However, I can email some pics!