Friday, December 5, 2008

Hair and Adoptions!

Okay, so I know I have posted before on all the “chance” meetings I have had with adoptive parents, but I still get a kick every time it happens! In keeping with my new resolve to cut costs everywhere I can so that we can save for our adoption, I made an appointment to get my hair done at a Beauty College. They charge 1/3 what I normally pay at a regular salon, but the downside is that you get a student to do your hair, and you are never quite sure how far along they are in the program! Anyway, that was my second visit and I have been pleased with the results both times! (could this be due to the fact I have become less vain the older I got hence my standards may have lowered? Hmm :) I was a bit late because, I get lost—I am the girl who gets lost going home and I sometimes second guess the GPS system that I got as a Christmas present last year and still manage to get lost! By God’s providence, someone else got to do my hair and of course, she is an adoptive mom to a four year old boy! She adopted a child who was exposed to alcohol and drugs in utero from the foster care system when the child was 3 months old. She just answered God’s calling to adopt this child as a single 25 year old and just trusted God. My hair dresser is now married and has a second child who is one and both her children are the best of friends. More likely than not, if an infant gets placed in our home from the foster care system, statistically, the child will most likely to have been exposed to drugs or alcohol in utero. This is the primary reason most infants are removed from their parents care (alcohol is actually more damaging to a child in the womb than any other illegal drug, but since alcohol is a legal beverage, they do not test for alcohol exposure once a child is born. However, it is safe to assume that the child will have fetal alcohol syndrome though their file may not mention this). My hair dresser shared that her son is well adjusted, loving, attached, and does extremely well in school. She does not see any lasting damage from the drug and alcolol exposure, though as an infant, she told me he cried a lot. I normally tend to prepare my mind for the worst case scenario and it was no different when I read about all the ill effects of alcohol and drug exposure to an unborn baby. This “chance” meeting could not have been more timely. I was feeling a little discouraged on the adoption front, because my 10 year old car would not start and we had just heard the verdict from the mechanic: $603 in repairs! Ouch! Oh car, do you know how far back you just set us on our international adoption? Oh, well, I guess the car does not care – probably thinks I should be grateful that it has ran for 10 years relatively problem free. Yeah, yeah, more than 130, 000 miles later, I guess I should not be complaining!. Anyway, God is good and I did get encouragment just when I needed it!


redmaryjanes said...

Ok, I've missed something...are you persuing a US adoption?

waitingarms said...

Hi Redmaryjanes,

we are concurrently pursuing two adoptions, one from the U.S foster care system and an international adoption from Ethiopia. From our best guess, our first adoption will be from Ethiopia and the second will be from the U.S. foster care system (if the Child Welfare Agency ever gets its act together)! In the course of my work, I read countless court orders detailing the abuse and neglect of children in foster care and their multiple placements, so I am passionate about giving a child from the foster system a stable loving home. I have also lived in Africa, so I know first hand the plight of orphans there and the desperate need for loving forever homes for the millions of orphans there, hence my decision to adopt from Africa.

When we first started the journey, it was only with the thought of adopting one child, but God is stretching us and we are just trying to be obedient and follow the direction God leads us. SO, at this point, that is where we are, but who knows where things will lead us! The adoption journey sometimes seems like feeling your way in the dark since so many things are so out of our control!